Wigs for Kids: 30 Years of Helping Children Live Their Lives

When a child gets the diagnosis of cancer, it impacts their entire family. Radiation therapies, chemotherapy, and other treatment processes can cause their hair to fall out while they start fighting this terrible disease.

Other conditions can cause a child to lose their hair as well. Burns, alopecia, and trichotillomania will change their outward appearance.

When children lose their hair, they can also see a reduction in self-confidence. An injury to the perspective they have of themselves can be more devastating than the illness or condition in question.

Wigs for Kids has a solution: a 100% free hair replacement system that can help to restore their appearance. When children feel like they look like themselves again, then it creates a powerful reaction that can help the healing process.

Families Are Never Charged for Replacements

Wigs for Kids relies on financial donations to create the custom hairpieces that families receive for free. For over 30 years, this agency has helped to develop systems for hundreds of children that can help them to feel better.

Financial donations are always welcome to cover the cost of supplies and distribution.

You can also make a hair donation that can help to create a Hair Replacement System for a child in need.

The minimum length of a hair donation is 12 inches with Wigs for Kids.

They encourage longer lengths, at least 14 inches, to help make a stronger impact for the children in need.

There are specific rules for each donation to follow. More information is available on their website: https://wigsforkids.org.




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