This Pub in Japan is Made from 100% Recycled Materials

The Kamikatz Public House is an integral part of its community. Not only is it a pub where people come to gather, but it also operates as a grocery store to the town of Kamikatsu, which is in the Tokushima prefecture in Japan.

What is unique about the building, which was created by Hiroshi Hakamura and NAP, is that the architectural firm made a conscious effort to construct it using reclaimed and recycled pieces from around the town.

They lined the walls with newspapers and tiles that came from other buildings. There is a custom chandelier in the pub which they created from salvaged bottles.

The Goal Was to Reflect the Town’s History

Rise and Win Brewing is the primary tenant of the building. They joined the recent interest in craft beer operations that Japan is recently embracing. Their perspective on staying environmentally conscious is winning a lot of fans over in this town that is seeing its population levels shrinking.

“We gathered windows that illuminated the town in the past and dedicated our wish that they could serve as a lantern of hope to shine upon the struggling town,” the firm wrote in a statement to the press about their building.

“The space is full of improvisation and discoveries with this creative combination of waste material for this architecture. The locals who gather at this pub are beginning to truly realize that their actions are fun and creative.”

Kamikatsu currently separates its waste into 34 different categories to improve its recycling impact on the planet. Their zero-waste ethos has now created an incredible public space to enjoy.




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