OzHarvest Wants 50% of Food Waste Gone by 2030

Since its founding over a decade ago, OzHarvest has kept over 37,000 tons of food from reaching local landfills.

During that time, the non-profit organization has also delivered over 110 million meals to people in need.

According to founder Ronni Kahn, the challenge we face is to change our behavior. We created the problem of food waste, which means it is also up to us to find a solution.

After working with the Australian government to reduce the risk of lawsuits from corporate food donations, OzHarvest now works with over 3,500 companies. Their meals now go out to over 1,300 charities so that anyone hungry can get something to eat.

OzHarvest Believes People Lost Their Connection to Food

Kahn says that there weren’t any celebrity chefs when she started her non-profit organization. Dealing with food waste didn’t seem like an appealing venture.

She says that professional chefs don’t like to see a scrap of good food go to waste. If you care about it, then you already have a passion to start feeding those in need.

Hunger is an issue that transcends human civilizations. Up to 1 in 5 families in the United States, Europe, and Australia live in food-insecure homes. These people are the ones who use local pantries, food banks, and other resources to make ends meet when they can.

Kahn believes food waste wouldn’t be an issue if we can restore our connection to its production. OzHarvest opened Australia’s first rescued-food supermarket in 2017, and the non-profit continues to teach people how to manage their ingredients correctly.

More information is available through the OzHarvest website.


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