A 7-Year-Old Boy Is Solving Loneliness, One Police Stop at a Time

Some people are born to serve others. Oliver Davis is one of those individuals. He always liked to talk about police officers and how they help people in a variety of ways.

After talking to his mom, Davis figured out a way that he could do the same with his “police stops.”

He put on his police officer uniform to visit his grandmother one day at her nursing home. Davis also wanted to do something special for those he saw sitting in the cafeteria and lobby by themselves.

His mom helped him to purchase some flowers to hand out to others. That powerful act of kindness has now led to a movement.

Davis Has Visited Nursing Homes for Two Years

Charity often begins with the efforts that we’re all willing to take on ourselves. For Davis and his family, that means two years and counting of handing out flowers and hugs.

He always asks politely if a hug is wanted. A few people decline, but most love the idea of having meaningful contact with another person.

Most residents say that Davis’s hugs are the most helpful thing that happens for them during the day.

He might only be seven years old, but Oliver Davis spends up to three hours at a time in his police uniform, visiting two nursing homes each week. The family estimates that he has given out over 15,000 roses in the past twelve months.

Thanks to Oliver’s police stops, there is a little less loneliness in the world today.



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