This Orphaned Elephant Hasn’t Forgotten Her Rescuers

After being rescued 14 years ago, elephant Loijuk still visits her rescuers.  The Sheldrick Wildlife Trust (SWT) saved the orphan calf when she was 5 months old.

The SWT keepers cared for Loijuk until she was ready to live in the wild again.  But Loijuk has not forgotten the act of kindness shown to her. She’s returned to visit the SWT keepers on numerous occasions.

A visit from Loijuk on September 1st, 2019, held a wonderful surprise for her former caregivers.  The keepers noticed that Loijuk had a brand-new baby with her.

According to the staff at SWT, Loijuk allowed, “head keeper Benjamin to enjoy her newborn baby.”  The staff also said, “It is so special to witness Loijuk welcome and encourage the interaction..and to see the joy this new life brings immediately.”

 Louijuk’s calf was given the name Lili and is the 31st recorded offspring of an SWT elephant.  Lili and her mother are currently hanging out in the area around SWT.  This will allow the SWT team to help Louijuk and Lili during the dry season in Kenya.

The keepers at SWT couldn’t be more pleased with Louijuk’s happy ending.  They say, “Watching her heal, flourish and transition to a wild independent life…and now to see her transform into a mother is the ultimate affirmation of a job well done.”

 You can support these keepers in their work to save elephants.  Visit the SWT website to make a donation that will help an elephant.



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