This Innovative Design Helps to Keep Us Healthy

Two graduates from the University of Hong Kong have come up with a new invention that helps prevent the spread of illness.  It’s a self-sterilizing door handle!

The SARS outbreak in 2003 impacted 8,000 people all over the world and resulted in 700 deaths.  Most of the fatalities occurred in China and Hong Kong.

The two graduates, Sum Ming Wong and Kin Pong Li, wanted to prevent a reoccurrence of the crisis.  They knew that door handles contribute to the spread of bacteria, so Sum and Kin realized that a sterile door handle would reduce the spread.

They say, “Nowadays, people use chemical cleaning materials to clean up public areas, but it is both easy to wipe off and harmful to the human body.”

They believe their self-sterilizing door handle is a much better alternative to cleaning with chemicals. They claim the door handle is very “durable and [is] effective.”

Made with glass, aluminum, and titanium dioxide, the handle is basically a glass tube coated with ground-up titanium dioxide.  UV light produces a chemical reaction that enables the coating to break down bacteria.

The door’s movement generates energy that gets transformed into light energy, enabling the UV light to work continuously.

The lab tests for the invention were impressive, revealing that the door handle was able to kill about 99.8% of microbes.

Because it uses light instead of chemicals to sterilize door handles, this invention is safe and effective for preventing more dangerous outbreaks.




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