Cleaner Air is Coming to a City Near You

Mayors from 35 cities around the world recently signed a pledge to deliver cleaner air to their citizens. Over 140 million people are affected by this agreement.

It is called the C40 Clean Air Cities Declaration. The goal is to implement substantial clean air policies that create positive impacts on the environment by 2025.

About 90% of people around the world are breathing polluted air every day. Over 7 million people are dying prematurely because of this issue, and it is usually in the areas impacted by poverty.

Cities from All Over the World Signed the Agreement

The C40 network includes some of the world’s largest cities. London, Mexico City, Los Angeles, Sydney, and Washington, D.C. are just some of the locations where clean air will become a new top priority.

Several initiatives have already taken place globally to reduce the impact of pollution. London introduced the world’s first ultra-low emissions zone that requires all vehicles to either pass strict emissions standards or pay a fee to access the center of the city.

“Air pollution is a global crisis,” said London’s mayor Sadiq Khan. “As mayors, it is our fundamental responsibility to protect our citizens from the dangerous health implications associated with breathing dirty air.”

Another encouraging project in Guangzhou, China, involves over $2 billion in investments to convert 11,000 buses to run on electricity.

The mayors of the cities in the agreement will meet at least once every three years to create accountability. Numerous tools are at their disposal, including enhanced incentives to support more cycling, walking, and air-quality monitoring stations.



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