Temporary Sleeping Pods Could Be a Permanent Solution for Homelessness

The homeless face numerous challenges as they attempt to survive for another day. Security and privacy concerns are always present, but there is also an element of personal dignity that communities must consider.

An architectural firm thinks that it may have an attractive and affordable solution that solves these problems without requiring significant donations or charitable interventions.

Reed Watts Architects designed temporary sleeping pods that ship as a flat pack. You can store and assemble them in any empty spaces. Once it is up and secure, the shelter creates a “room” for the individual to use.

When people experience privacy and dignity in a space they can claim, it encourages them to find something more permanent.

It Creates Privacy While Embracing Simplicity

The temporary sleeping pods don’t have a roof, so they don’t qualify as housing for the more than 300,000 homeless living in the United Kingdom. Each pod comes with CNC-milled panels with instructional labels for easy construction. Then wooden pegs keep the structure in place.

You can build the entire pod with only a mallet. The simplicity of the structure means that they can go virtually anywhere, even outside, so that the benefits of having personal space are available to everyone.

Reed Watts Architects intends to release the design of their temporary sleeping pods through a Creative Commons license. The units cost about $500 at minimum to build, but the designer envisions local businesses sponsoring them as a way to offset the investment.

A private pod won’t solve all of the issues with homelessness in a community. What it can do is provide basic human dignity to someone who may not have experienced it in many years.


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