How Two Girls are Helping Kids Read

Book-lover Andrea Liao wanted more kids to have access to books, so the sophomore student from Interlake High School started a youth literacy organization called Book the Future.

Liao desires to make books more accessible to kids in “foster care homes, orphanages, refugee families…churches, children’s hospitals.”

Liao explains, “I raise money to provide the institutions I support with adequate, high-quality literature, and to be able to ship our books to numerous locations around the world.”

Sabine Wood, another student from Interlake High School, joined Liao’s cause after learning about Book the Future from a newspaper article. Despite feeling intimidated, Wood reached out to Liao and offered to help. Since then, the two girls have become co-leaders of Book the Future.

Although other students had offered to help Liao, she sensed that they didn’t have a love for books. It was Wood’s passion for reading that convinced Liao to partner with her.

Since teaming up with Wood, Liao has been able to accomplish more than she could have on her own. This year’s book drives were more significant, and Liao was “able to have more initiatives, like writing workshops and a digital magazine.”

There are even plans to start an Instagram account in January 2020, which Wood will be in charge of.

Thanks to their dedication and hard work, these young girls are making a difference in the lives of kids who wouldn’t usually have the opportunity to read. Learn more by visiting the Book the Future website.



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