Old Jeans Become New Slippers and Bags for 1,200 Kids

Millions of pairs of jeans get discarded across India every year. Less than 30% of them get recycled, which means there is a lot of dry waste to manage for many communities.

Each pair of jeans also represents 8,000 liters of water.

Denim is a sturdy material that can become a variety of different products. That’s why Solecraft, a group based in Jodhpur, is working toward a better solution.

This social enterprise upcycles the unwanted jeans into pencil cases, footwear, and bags for kids to use. The items receive then go to needy families in the community for free.

Textile Waste is a Massive Problem in India

Textile waste is the third-largest contributor to the issues of dry waste is many Indian states. It creates a huge environmental problem that involves inefficient water and energy use. If a single pair of denim jeans can be turned into something useful, then the power needed for new products is savable.

Solecraft hires local artists to transform the unwanted material, creating a meaningful income for them while needy families receive useful items.

Since the enterprise’s creation, over 1,500 pieces of discarded denim have been turned into something useful. The goal is to reach a minimum of one million children with these efforts.

Duffel bags, iPad covers, and travel kits become gifts to people who donate clothes. Local shops are collaborating to sell their items. Fundraising efforts are also underway to create more products for this charitable effort.



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