This Idea Could Solve Housing Issues All Over the World


Cities like San Francisco are seeing the median cost of a house reach almost $2 million in 2019. Even markets like Seattle and New York City have neighborhoods topping the $1 million average.

Middle-Class families are not able to afford those prices. That means they are forced into the uncertainty of the rental market.

A startup based in the Emerald City (Seattle) called Node has an idea that could solve this problem. They offer sustainable, prefab houses that are easy enough to build that skilled labor isn’t necessary for most of the work.

Node’s Smallest Unit is only $150,000 in 2019 

What makes Node’s housing option unique is that its flat-pack kits fit into a standard shipping container. That means it can get to your property by train or truck.

If you have three helpers and yourself, then you can put the house together. The walls literally click into place.

The current timeframe to put up a Node house is three months, but the company expects to speed up that time so that it only takes a few days.

Each house offers a sustainable approach that is reasonably affordable for urban markets. A 400 square foot cottage is only $150,000.

The Trillium series is currently sold out for 2019. You can reserve a home for the 2020 production run or one of the startup’s upcoming models right now through their website.

Upcoming production lines have the goal of being a carbon-neutral building experience. Give the selection of housing styles a look to see if it could solve your spatial needs when new products become available.



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