IKEA Aims to Reduce its Carbon Footprint


It’s no secret that consumers are concerned about record-breaking levels of C02 in our environment. Those worried consumers want to see companies taking action to reverse the damage.

Companies are responding to this demand, with IKEA striving for some of the loftiest goals. IKEA plans to produce more energy than it uses by the year 2020. The company’s long-term goal is to reduce emissions so that its operations become climate-positive.

IKEA appears to be putting an honest effort into reaching those goals. The company has already invested $2.8 billion in alternative energy sources, like solar and wind. IKEA has implemented 1 million solar modules and utilizes 535 wind turbines.

IKEA also intends to sell solar panels for homes in all of its stores. The company wants to achieve this by 2025 and has already made progress by offering solar panels in several of its stores.

IKEA isn’t the only company doing its part to help the environment. Other major companies, such as Google, Amazon, Starbucks, and more, are also starting to take actions that reduce their footprint and improve the situation.

Although these companies are probably taking these actions to earn a favorable reputation with customers, the end result is still the same. By lessening their carbon footprint, these companies are helping to reverse the negative impacts we have inflicted on our climate.

IKEA may be one of the companies leading this cause, but it’s not the only one. That is encouraging news for those who are concerned about the environment.



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