Urban Transportation Just Got Easier with This New Electric Bike

Scooters and electric bikes have been an easy way to travel through urban environments. A startup company named Karmic recently brought a concept bicycle-scooter combination to the market through Kickstarter that could change everything.

The new product is called “Oslo.” It is a slimmer version of an e-scooter that you are seeing in cities today, but it comes with pedals for the user. The frame is compact and balanced nicely to ensure a stable driving experience.

Riders can reach a top speed of 20 mph with this Class 2 e-bike.

Features of the Karmic Oslo Electric Bike

The Oslo comes with a battery that can give you up to 20 miles of range on a single charge. Karmic has an option under research and development that could double the distance that could be available on future models.

It offers a clean look that feels approachable to the average user. Part of the reason for that experience is because Karmic uses standard bicycle parts for most of the Oslo.

That makes it feel like an upgrade to the average person while keeping service costs low. You’ll receive a two-year standard warranty, while the frame comes with lifetime protection.

Fundraising opportunities through Kickstarter ended on October 15, 2019, with only 20% of the goal reached. The price of $1,499 for a Founder Edition model may have been a challenging price point for consumers.

New ways to obtain this electric bike if you’re interested are expected to be published by Karmic shortly.



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