This Designer Uses Food To Make Furniture


Gavin Keightley isn’t your average designer.  Using sustainable molds made out of food, he has created a unique collection of furniture.

Keightley graduated from the University of Plymouth.  While studying at this school, he discovered that food could be used as molding materials.

It was actually a botched batch of couscous that helped Keightley come up with the idea.  His meal was ruined, but the student noticed the food became a solid object that kept its shape after being taken out of the pot.

This gave Keightley a revelation. Food’s purpose could extend beyond filling our stomachs.

Keightley says, “I was inspired to…explore food for all of its properties, not just the fact that we can eat it.” To the young designer, food’s limited purpose began to grow much broader.

Keightley started to create molds from different foods, such as bread, couscous, jelly, and mashed potatoes.  He used these special molds to create a furniture collection that includes two cabinets and an assortment of stools.

Keightley says, “I wanted to create pieces that offer a multi-sensory experience. When people find out the furniture is made from food, they want to smell it to see if there are any remnants of the manufacturing process.”

Keightley composts his used-up materials, which makes his design process more sustainable than most.  He has mentioned that growing the food himself would be the next action to take.  If he can accomplish that, it would make his work even more sustainable.



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