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Turning German Mines into Beautiful Lakes

When visiting the beautiful Lusatian Lake District in Germany, you would never guess its ugly past. All unsightly traces of its history have gradually been disappearing over the last three decades.

To fully appreciate these lakes and the incredible improvements being made to this area, you have to know the location’s back story. At one point, Lusatia was dominated by mining activity, which forced about 26,000 villagers to leave the area.

Although the mines eventually shut down, they had already left their mark, causing Lusatia to become a blemish on Germany’s map. Its natural beauty had been marred.

But this tarnished area was not completely forgotten about. Its scars are being covered up with attractive lakes where tourists can enjoy watersports, fishing, and diving.

Hotels and restaurants have also been built, further enhancing the Lusatian Lake District and giving it an oasis-like feel. To top it off, new trees have been planted, and a power plant has been converted into an art museum.

Now that the damaging effects of the mines are being reversed, thousands of tourists are drawn to the location each year. In addition to the attractions already mentioned, these tourists also have the opportunity to visit the abandoned mines and learn more about their fascinating history.

If you want to see the incredible transformation for yourself, plan a visit to Germany’s Lusatian Lake District. It is a living example of how an ugly past can be made quite beautiful. This valuable lesson could benefit us all.



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