Instead of Paying It Forward, Try to Petal It Forward

A gift of flowers can have an immediate, positive effect on an individual. Surprising someone with an unexpected gift can change a person’s entire outlook.

The staff at a florist shop in Longview, WA, decided to put that idea to the test in 2018. They began to surprise unsuspecting people with two free bouquets.

There was only one catch: the recipient had to pass one of the bouquets on to another person.

Three shops in Cowlitz Country signed up for the idea to Petal It Forward in 2019. This annual event has sponsorship through the Society of American Florists to raise awareness of the many benefits that flowers provide.

Every Bouquet Can Brighten Someone’s Day

Lots of things are happening in society today that threaten to bring stress and anxiety into a person’s life. These negative feelings can spill out to adversely impact that individual’s family and friends.

It can even be a trigger that leads to depression or other mental health concerns. Ongoing stress creates unwanted physical side effects that can eventually degrade a person’s way of life.

Positive events like the annual Petal It Forward create moments of meaningful change. Having the pleasure to receive flowers can stop a cycle of negative thinking immediately. When you’re asked to spread those feelings to others, then life becomes less divisive.

Petal It Forward happens around the last week of October each year. Florists from the United States, Puerto Rico, Canada, and Colombia participate, with a total of 650 teams active for the 2019 event.



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