Teaching Kids How to Code for Tomorrow’s Computers Today

How would the world be different if schools had approached computer science like they do reading, writing, or arithmetic?

Non-profit partners have worked to incorporate information technology learning opportunities throughout the United States over the past 20 years.

Now Code.org, a non-profit in the educational sector launched by Hadi Partovi, wants to teach teachers about computer science. Then today’s children can discover how to use tomorrow’s technology while in school at an age where learning a new language is easy.

Code.org Has Served Over 500 Million Students

Code.org partners with over 180 of the largest school districts in the United States to provide computer science learning opportunities. That means 1 in 10 kids have a chance to embrace this curriculum option.

Over 800,000 teachers have taken the time to sign up to teach the introductory courses provided by Partovi’s organizations.

There is even an advanced placement course available for high school students.

Although fitting something new into America’s thinking about education can be tricky, everyone agrees that expertise in computer science is necessary. Code.org is helping students learn how to build apps or write programs instead of reinforcing the skills they have self-taught themselves at home.

Computer Science Increases School Diversity

Parvoti’s family came to the United States as refugees from Iran. His passion for Code.org is to get more minorities and women into meaningful computer science positions one day.

About 10 million girls have an account on the non-profit’s platform. Half of them are actively coding today, with some of them only in the first grade.

Even if just 1% of the girls learning computer science today study the subject at the university level, they would immediately solve the gender gap that currently exists.



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