Environmental Sustainability Must Come from Today’s Leaders

It is one thing for a politician to say that the world must become an environmentally-friendly place to live. When today’s government leaders live the way that they talk, it creates a foundation for change to happen.

That’s one of many reasons why you will see Prime Minister Mark Rutte riding his bicycle to work every day. He serves as the top leader for the Netherlands.

“For the past two years, I’ve had my own bike again,” he told the World Economic Forum. “When the weather allows, I travel to the office that way.”

There Are More Bicycles than People in the Netherlands

 17 million people were living in the Netherlands in 2018. The Dutch collectively own 23 million bicycles.

About 1 out of every 4 trips that a person takes in this country is on a bike. About 25% of those efforts involve commuting to work. The only reason for using a bicycle that ranks higher is for recreational purposes.

Taking a car is always an option, but that means you must deal with traffic congestion. It creates an adverse environmental impact. Riding a bicycle eliminates both concerns while offering a chance to get some exercise.

The Dutch infrastructure helps to facilitate this perspective. There are more than 35,000 kilometers of bicycle lanes. Utrecht is the home of the most extensive underground bike park in the world. Even the flat landscapes of the country are perfect for trips.

Over 6,000 deaths are prevented each year because of cycling. It is a habit that adds six months to the average life expectancy rate of the population.




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