There’s a Reason Why Your Avocados Have a Longer Shelf Life Today

Are you a big fan of avocados? Have you noticed that this popular item is staying fresh longer when you bring them home?

There’s a reason why the shelf life of an avocado is longer today than in the past. Kroger, which is the largest grocery chain in the United States, is stocking the fruit with an Apeel coating to help protect it.

What Is Apeel and Why Does It Help?

Apeel is a plant-based edible coating that helps an avocado stay fresh for twice the usual time. Fruits that would be ripe for two days can now be available to consume for four days instead.

Even with an emphasis on charitable giving to food banks, waste is a significant problem around the world. The United States throws away over 150,000 tons of food daily.

People who focus on eating clean actually waste more since produce can become inedible quickly.

Apeel Sciences creates a coating specifically for each produce item in stores so that the lifespan of the fruits or vegetables can improve. With its success from avocadoes fueling interest, test programs for asparagus and limes are now underway.

You can find the protected avocados in over 1,100 U.S. stores.

Does the Coating Increase the Price of Food?

Customers do not see an increase in food costs with the coating from Apeel Sciences. If anything, the availability of more usable items could decrease production costs for everyone.

That means more people can start to eat healthier every day.


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