Rome Offers Free Bus and Metro Tickets for Recycling

One of the most significant challenges that a community faces with their recycling program is compliance. Rome hopes that a new initiative will get more people involved with this environmentally-friendly action by offering free bus and metro travel tickets.

Consumers who recycle their empty plastic bottles earn credit toward free public transportation with this initiative. It takes 30 qualifying products to qualify for one standard ticket.

The benefits of the program are being seen immediately at the locations where plastic bottle donations are accepted.

Anyone Can Turn in Plastic Bottles for Credit

Rome’s program is straightforward. If you take empty plastic bottles to a designated compactor, then you accrue points toward free transportation.

You don’t need to show proof-of-purchase to turn in the recyclable items. This attribute of the initiative encourages people to pick up the litter on city streets so that they can earn credit for their transportation needs.

Italy ranks as the fourth most wasteful country in Europe, and Rome only has access to two landfills. Both of them are frequently plagued with fires because of improper management techniques. By encouraging more recycling, the refuse problem in the city can get back under control.

The program is still in its infancy. Only three stations in Rome have compactor machines that issue credits for metro or bus tickets. Even with the limited installation, over 350,000 bottles have been diverted from landfills so far.

There is still a lot of work that Rome must do to solve its waste crisis. This recycling program will bring them one step closer to that goal.




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