3,000 Gallons of Fresh Water Save Kenya’s Animals

Patrick Kilonzo Mwalua has become one of the most famous men in Kenya. You won’t hear people cheering for him because of the work he does. It’s the animals that come to visit when he’s around.

Mwalua has a water truck that carries up to 3,000 gallons of fresh, clean water. When the zebras, buffalo, and elephants hear the truck’s engine, they all come down to the watering hole where he makes a delivery.

Tsavo West National Park is in the middle of a lengthy and severe drought that started in 2014. Mwalua drives over 70 kilometers from Kajire to the area every day to make sure the animals there have the water they need to survive.

It’s a job he’s been doing for three years.

One Experience Would Change His Life Forever

Mwalua says that he came across a buffalo sniffing at an empty watering hole. The animal was very thirsty. Instead of waiting for them to come to humans as a way to survive, he believed that the problem could be solved by filling up the watering holes.

He used to rent the truck and pay for the water out of his own pocket. When people started hearing about what he was doing, they began to chip in so that he could own the truck.

There were initial complaints about his actions, but Mwalua wouldn’t be swayed. He blames global warming for the problem in Kenya, and that is the fault of humans.

Although over $450,000 has been raised to support his charity called the Mwalua Wildlife Trust, over half of it is stuck in the United States. You can make a direct donation by visiting his website.


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