This Football Club Has One Goal: To Save the Planet

Forest Green Rovers have made a name for themselves on the football field. Literally.

Although this club plays in the fourth-tier of English football, FIFA has taken notice of their work. They are regularly described as being the “greenest” football club in the world.

From the solar-powered lawnmower used to care for their pitch to the sustainable living ideas they promote throughout their community, this club proves that environmental awareness and sports belong together.

Human-made chemicals and pesticides never make their way to the club’s pitch. This emphasis creates what may be the only 100% organic football surface in the world today.

In 2018, the club received the Momentum for Change Climate Action Award because of how they manage their logistics.

The grounds for Rovers are also powered entirely with renewable energy resources. Solar panels are part of the stadium roof design. The club recycles rainwater and cooking oil. You’ll even find charging points for electric vehicles in the parking lot.

These initiatives might be enough for most football clubs, but it is just the beginning of how Forest Green manages the environment. They also call themselves the first “vegan football club” in the world.

The players and fans of the club receive only vegan food, with a ban on red meat in place since 2010.

Rovers has become financially stable and environmentally sustainable because of this unique combination. With their continued hard work, other clubs will undoubtedly look at this blueprint as a way to chart their success.



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