This Seattle Dog Rides the Bus Alone to Play in the Park Daily

Eclipse is a fiercely independent canine. She waits at the bus stop every day with a pass attached to her collar. Then she gets driven downtown to the dog park to spend a couple of hours playing until she uses public transportation to come back home.

Owner Jeff Young says Eclipse took the initiative all on her own. He was finishing a cigarette while waiting for the bus one day, and she got impatient, waiting for him. Much to Young’s surprise, she got on the bus without him and went to the dog park independently.

The bus driver knows Eclipse well, so he makes sure to drop her off at the same park each day. Young caught up with his dog on the first day, feeling worried about what had happened. Now he knows that this canine can take care of herself.

Eclipse Puts a Smile on Everyone’s Face

The bus drivers that give Eclipse a ride to the dog park in Seattle say that her presence always puts a smile on everyone’s face. Even the police have reviewed the situation and say that if the drivers are okay with the arrangement, then so are they.

Eclipse doesn’t always know when to notify a new drive about where to get dropped off, so her home is now an automatic stop on the route.

You can keep up with this story and follow Eclipse’s daily journey by joining her Facebook page.

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