Heal Your Brain and Learn How to Play the Piano Simultaneously

Thad Starner is a pioneer in the field of wearable technology. He was one of the first people to use a wearable computer. Now he and Caitlyn Seim have a new product for you to consider.

The pair have developed a set of gloves that can teach you how to play the piano in just an hour. This technology has also taught people with eyesight challenges how to read Braille in four hours – a process that typically takes up to four months.

It is a process called passive haptic learning, and this approach could potentially heal a person’s brain after a traumatic injury.

Specialized Vibrations Help the Brain Learn

The gloves send electronic impulses the vibrate in ways that help the brain learn – or re-learn – a specific skill.

When Starner and Seim learned about a stroke victim named Alex, who had lost the full use of his hands, the pair wanted to see if passive haptic learning could help with his recovery.

Alex wore the new gloves for about three hours each day while performing his usual daily living activities. The researchers noticed that the functions that doctors had thought would be lost were starting to return. He even reported an increased level of feeling at his extremities.

It only took eight weeks for profound results to develop in patients who had spinal cord injuries.

Although this wearable technology might not offer a miracle cure for stroke victims or people with paralysis, it is a step in the right direction. It’s also exciting to think about what Starner and Seim might envision next!



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