Spreading Love Across the United States, One Hug At a Time

Coronavirus fears might be gripping the world, but one man is still on a cross-country question to offer hugs to everyone across the United States.

Americans feel that hugging is an intimate form of affection, so it is rare for people to embrace a stranger. Arie Moyal is willing to do so with Hug Train.

His goal is to use each embrace to promote mental health awareness. It’s an effort that Moyal founded in 2009, and he has offered a “Free Hugs” side in dozens of communities ever since.

Why Are Hugs an Essential Part of Life?

 Social isolation is at an epidemic level in today’s world. Although we frequently connect to each other through electronic communication, those conversations are not the same as having face-to-face contact with others.

The adverse effects of social isolation are so powerful that the American Psychological Association says that it could kill you.

Moyal says that the purpose of his continuous trek across the United States is to show how small actions can create an optimal state of mental health. You don’t need to be a friend or family member to offer this embrace.

An authentic hug from a stranger can help you to feel better!

Science backs up Moyal’s idea. Frequent hugs create higher oxytocin levels and lower a person’s baseline blood pressure.

If you want to keep track of where the Hug Train is operating, then you can follow Moyal through his Instagram page.


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