It Looks and Sounds Like Bacon, But It’s Fungus

Most of the fake meat products available through grocers and specialty providers today get their protein from a select group of plants. Potatoes, soybeans, and peas are typically found in the ingredients.

Prime Roots has an alternative bacon product that takes a different approach. This startup uses koji fungus to form an item that mostly looks and feels like a pork belly. The company even smokes it in the same way that you would make the meat before using a slicer to cut it into strips.

When you place the alternative bacon into a pan, it will cook and sizzle just like the real item. It even shrinks during the preparation process. That means you can make it at your desired level of crispness while maintaining a vegetarian or vegan dietary approach.

Koji Is so Important in Japan That It Gets a Holiday

 Western diets may not be familiar with Aspergillus oryaze, but it is a staple in Japanese cuisine. You can find it in miso, sake, and many other foods. It’s so popular that Fungus Day is a national holiday in the country.

Prime Roots uses fermentation to grow proteins for their bacon substitute instead of isolating them from plants like other manufacturers. That process helps the long fibers of the fungi to replicate the texture of the pork belly.

Orders are only available for a limited time for this product, but it could change how all of us think about bacon. It has more protein and less fat, making it a healthy alternative.

It currently retails for $9.99.

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