Microgrids Are Restoring Power to Australia After Its Devastating Bushfires

The recent bushfires in Australia burned an area that’s larger than the U.S. state of Maine. This event has destroyed thousands of homes, displaced numerous rural families, and threatened the existence of koalas.

Many rural areas are still without power from the national grid because of the bushfires. Recent estimates suggest it could be a few weeks, if not several months before the infrastructure is entirely restored.

The Resilient Energy Collective (REC) has a solution that could speed up that process. Their goal is to roll out several solar power facilities and batteries at dozens of sites across Australia.

Over $12 Million Has Already Been Raised for the Effort

 Goongerah was one of the first communities to benefit from the collaborative effort from Atlassian, 5B, and Tesla. Solar panels now provide power for charging devices, refrigeration, and a connection to the Internet.

New South Wales is using the investment in solar power to operate an emergency communications tower instead of relying on diesel generators.

REC hopes to have up to 100 sites using the solar panel and battery systems in the coming weeks. It only takes about 48 hours to connect a community once the resources reach the area. Mike Cannon-Brookes, who is a co-founder of Atlassian, sees some rural areas switching to this concept permanently.

California’s PG&E agrees. The utility company is already building solar microgrids in the areas of the state that are most vulnerable to wildfires.

You can also support the relief efforts of REC by discovering more information and donating funds through their website.

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