Turns Out a Positive Attitude Can Make You Smarter

Step into virtually any school or office, and you’ll see inspirational posters. Beautiful sunsets, soaring birds, and inspirational quotes all work together to create an environment that oozes with positivity.

When researchers at Stanford looked at the brains of students exposed to highly positive environments, then found improvements to the hippocampus, which is the area linked to learning and memory.

Although it may not be possible to change a child’s natural intellectual gifts, fostering a positive attitude toward different learning subjects could give them the boost they need.

Attitude Is Just as Important as Achievement

 As one might expect, the kids who perform better in specific subjects tend to like that area of learning more. If you’re exceptional at mathematics, then you’ll prefer that material.

When children were given exposure to a positive environment, then a mutual, bi-directional learning opportunity happens. You can open the door to higher achievement, which then leads to a better attitude about the subject being studied.

It gets people into a beneficial circle of learning that continues to spiral upward with continued exposure.

That doesn’t mean a positive attitude will turn everyone into rocket scientists one day. It does suggest that happiness can maximize the full potential of a person’s natural talents. Positivity pumps up the brain so that it is exciting to learn something new.

It’s such a substantial contribution that a positive attitude and a person’s IQ are equally responsible for math achievement results.

Misery might like company, but being in the presence of a positive person can make you smarter. Which option do you prefer?


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