Restaurant Provided Essential Services to Truckers

COVID-19 challenged communities in ways that haven’t been seen in over a century. Many restaurants found themselves serving curbside as a way to stay in business.

Porky’s Barbecue in New Haven, VT, knew that they could take those efforts to another level. Lonie Parker, who is a co-owner of Porky’s, recognized immediately that truck drivers were frontline workers during the coronavirus emergency. Since most rest areas, stores, and stopping places were closed, most truckers had to either pull to the side of the road or go without sleep.

Parker knew that the restaurant couldn’t fill store shelves or provide personal protective equipment to medical workers. That’s why they opened their property as a curbside restaurant and a rest area for truckers.

It Became a Place When People Could Safely Park

Porky’s offered free meals to all truckers who stopped on the property. They could park their rigs for the night, rest, and get ready for the crucial deliveries needed the next day.

The idea started when a customer walked through the doors of their restaurant to say they wanted to buy a meal for a trucker. Once they posted the encounter on Facebook, everyone wanted to help.

Porky’s also ran a donation drive that helped out-of-state and local truckers who needed assistance in some way. Everyone came together to ensure people could be safe while still have access to what they needed.

That’s the thing about COVID-19. It created hard times, but this period in history brought the world together like never before.



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