Charity for Homeless Expands Operations During COVID-19

Humble Design® started helping veterans and families in Seattle to escape the cycle of homelessness in 2018. After COVID-19 began spreading through the community in late February and early March, the charity had to shift its mission to take appropriate precautions.

The organization typically works with shelters to identify candidates who could emerge from homelessness successfully. Then the charity uses volunteer efforts and donating furnishings to turn empty homes into usable structures.

Since the charity couldn’t furnish individual homes under Washington State’s stay home, stay healthy executive order, it helped the city’s shelters by delivering goods to places that saw surges of people who needed help.

Humble Design Provided Linens, Books, and Toys

If a shelter needed help with supplies during the coronavirus emergency in Seattle, then Humble Design worked to find what was required in their warehouses. The goal of this effort was simple: to create livable conditions for families and children.

A shipment received from Chicago right before the limitations on furnishing took place got turned into 16 new usable units at permanent supportive and affordable housing communities in Seattle. This work created places where families could shelter in place without being forced to sleep on the floor.

Humble Design currently serves Chicago, San Diego, and Detroit in addition to the Seattle area. The charity has helped American families since 2009 in Michigan, and U-Haul has been its national-level sponsor since 2016.

You can continue to help the mission of this charity by visiting their website. The charity has helped over 1,450 families so far.



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