Frontline Healthcare Workers Support Marathon Runner

Coree Aussem-Woltering wanted to do something to help raise money for his community during the COVID-19 emergency. He decided that a 12-day marathon across Naplate and Ottawa would provide awareness for the medical needs that people had when diagnosed with the new coronavirus.

The first two days of his run went about as one would expect. On the third day, Aussem-Woltering discovered that his efforts were already making a positive impact.

About 50 hospital staff and nurses came to the front of their facility when Coree ran by to support his efforts.

He Raised Money to Purchase Gift Cards

COVID-19 caused the governments of the world to shut down businesses deemed non-essential. Everything from elective surgeries to bookstores suddenly stopped. Those stay-at-home orders allowed local companies to meet only the basic needs necessary to remain viable, such as payroll, online sales, or gift card transactions.

Coree said that he needed a diversion from the doom and gloom of the coronavirus. By raising money to purchase gift cards from local businesses, he is helping neighbors while enjoying a sport that he loves.

Several sponsors pledged $2 for every mile that Coree ran during his 12-day marathon. There were also giveaways for anyone who took a picture of his efforts that included bottles of wine and gift certificates to use once lockdown orders lifted.

Aussem-Woltering is a two-time marathon champion, and he said all of the signs of encouragement he saw helped to lift his heart. It was something positive to experience at a time when it was challenging to be happy.



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