Quilters Make Coronavirus Masks to Help Others

Many people turned to their essential skills to help others during the COVID-19 global emergency. For a group of quilters, that meant transitioning their skills to the creation of face masks instead of blankets.

All of the members of WHV Quilters began this project immediately once they saw the needs that medical staff had when helping patients with the new coronavirus.

Most of these volunteer efforts focused on hospital staff. The residents of White Horse Village decided to help a different group.

Their sewn masks went to the team in local Personal Care Dementia units, skilled nursing facilities, and outpatient care.

The quilters even put together an order for people who worked in the mailroom.

Making Cloth Face Masks in the Era of COVID-19

 Several communities made it a mandatory requirement to wear face coverings in public.

Although the woven cotton cloth masks made by WHV Quilters didn’t meet hospital standards, the product did cover the nose and mouth to provide containment protection.

The recipients of the masks could wash them for reuse while reducing the temptation to touch one’s face.

What was unique about this effort to help people on the frontlines in the fight against COVID-19 was the approach. The quilting group didn’t ask for fabric donations. All they wanted were to have family members and friends help with the sewing whenever possible.

White Horse Village is a 96-acre facility in southeastern Pennsylvania that offers several senior living options and healthcare services.



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