Grocer Donated 5,000 Meals Daily

Stop and Shop donated 5,000 fresh meals every day to first responders in Boston and New York City who cared for COVID-19 patients.

The donations started in early April and continued until the coronavirus emergency gained some semblance of control. A majority of the meals went to the metropolitan areas that were hit the hardest by COVID-19.

Workers at the grocery put together prepackaged entrees, salads, and sandwiches for medical personnel to enjoy when they had a break. Nutrition and energy bars were included to manage snacking needs. All of the costs got covered, including the delivery expenses needed to get the food to needy hospitals.

Stop and Shop Donated $1 Million to Help Others

The grocer also put in $500,000 to its associate care fund to help its employees and families during the coronavirus emergency. Then the organization raised its pay for union-represented associates by 10% while providing more flexibility with scheduling and expanded leave benefits.

Then Stop and Shop contributed another $500,00 to support vaccine research for COVID-19 through Boston Children’s hospital.

The grocery employs over 60,000 associates across over 400 stores in the New England region.

Many doctors and nurses didn’t have time to shop for groceries when working 12-hour shifts or longer at their hospitals. By donating these meals, it enabled everyone to have nutritious food that kept them going.

COVID-19 certainly caused hardships, but it also brought out the best in people. Small actions like this were significant steps that helped to save many lives.


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