Firefighters Surprise Medical Workers with a Big Thank You

One of the best traditions that came from the COVID-19 global emergency was the nightly salute to medical workers and first responders.

Firefighters in New York City decided to get involved with this salute to service one day by dressing in their personal protective gear. Then they greeted healthcare workers with sirens and lights as a way to express thanks for treating patients dealing with the new coronavirus.

NYC became the global focal point for new COVID-19 infections, with more confirmed positive cases in the city than any other country in the world.

Everyone Faced a Challenge of Immense Magnitude

New York City firefighters said that dealing with the coronavirus issue was the worst emergency since the attacks that happened on September 11, 2001.

They greeted medical workers at 7 PM because that was the time in NYC when residents would open their windows to bang on pots and pans while cheering for those who sacrificed so much during this time.

Many of the firefighters were on active duty when expressing thanks to those working at the city’s hospitals. Even though they were also essential workers, entire houses wanted to recognize that they knew who were the frontline fighters against COVID-19.

These actions inspired other firehouses across the United States to do the same thing at 7 PM each night.

With actions like these made by NYC firefighters, we also got to see what happens when we work together to change the world.



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