$100,000 Donation Provides Urgent Medical Supplies

The Boston Athletic Association (BAA) provided a donation of $100,000 to the city’s resiliency fund during the COVID-19 pandemic. This monetary gift was in addition to the ongoing work of providing food and medical supplies to needy organizations.

BAA got involved early during the coronavirus response because of the unknowns that it caused in Boston. It became apparent that people were going to lose jobs and income with the stay-at-home orders issued in western states, which meant there was time to be proactive.

Boston used the resiliency fund to address the various challenges that people faced with COVID-19. It started with a $1 million donation from John Hancock, the principal sponsor of the marathon.

After Postponing the Marathon, BAA Focused on Essential Needs

Once it became apparent that the Boston Marathon couldn’t operate as anticipated, BAA worked to donate the race-related medical supplies it had available. It included medical-grade personal protective equipment, IV fluids, antiseptics, and hand sanitizer.

The donated supplies went to first responders serving the Boston area, including St. Vincent Hospital, Boston Emergency Medical Services, and the state police.

JetBlue had donated 30,000 bags of Terra chips to hand out to the finishers of the marathon. BAA donated those items to the city’s food bank.

Nebulizer tubing sets, ponchos, and thermometer covers also went through the city’s COVID-19 donation program.

Although the Association doesn’t know who receive the benefits of its donation, their work was more evidence that being #BostonStrong is a daily attitude that you can find in the city.


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