Good Samaritan Clears Lunchroom Debt

An anonymous donation of $5,000 in February 2020 helped to clear the lunchroom debt of an entire elementary school.

Before school got canceled because of the COVID-19 emergency, you could walk through the institution to see streamers, hearts, and appreciative notes. Over 1,000 students received monetary support from the donor, with families seeing a few cents to about $15 getting cleared.

There was even money left over after taking care of the outstanding balances to manage additional needs.

No One Knows Anything About the Donor

The principal of Longs Creek Elementary in Houston said that the donation came from a random phone call. They know very little about the person who gave the money to the school because administrators worked with the individual’s investment representative.

When the district asked about the reason for the donation, the answer was straightforward. The anonymous donor wanted to do something to help.

Now all of the students think of this person as their secret admirer.

The school district has collected over $20,000 in donations since the start of the 2019-2020 academic year to help fund its lunch program. That’s four times the amount that came in the previous year to help students have something to eat.

Even though kids finished their work at home, it is still incredible to see that people care about children in such a profound way. Now we all have an opportunity to pay things forward in the 2020-2021 school year by helping even more students in food-insecure homes.



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