Photographer Left Banking Job to Document Good Causes

Saurabh Narang was an award-winning photographer who was happy to be working for Barclays India. It was fun to work with numbers, but there was a desire to look for something better in life.

A sabbatical from the banking industry in 2017 would be a life-changing event. The idea developed during this time was to provide professional photography services while brands or collaborators contributed to a preferred social cause.

In the three years since deciding to document good causes, Narang has raised over 700,000 Rupees to help those in need. That’s when Create4Cause became the next full-time effort.

How Does Create4Cause Work?

Any creative professional can join Create4Cause. You contribute the project fee to something that benefits an issue you support. Social collaborators can get involved to hire professionals for any event understanding that the money goes toward those in need.

The brand and creator discuss the social cause to support for the sake of transparency. Several options are available, from feeding the poor to helping fund entrepreneurial efforts for underprivileged individuals.

Create4Cause has grown from only Narang to a team of 13 people who use their professional expertise to help others.

Narang says that the effort is fulfilling because the projects are now more important than the need to make some money. Each task changes the world for the better in some way.

If you’d like to become a creative collaborator or want to work with Create4Cause on your next project, then more information is available at Narang’s website.



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