Greenwich Residents Provide Free Pizzas to Hospital Staff

Small gestures of kindness often lead to more significant expressions of helpful acts that change communities. The COVID-19 pandemic created numerous ways to have people help others in need.

Greenwich(CT) residents decided to show their healthcare professionals how much their work was appreciated by providing free pizza. The effort started when a small group of friends ordered five pies to deliver to the local hospital’s ER.

It was a surprise treat that everyone appreciated as they worked around the clock treating coronavirus patients.

Then word spread about this one act of kindness. Everyone wanted to be a part of the support efforts.

Donations of Up to $300 Came in for Future Orders

One of the friends who helped with the initial donation has a daughter in the third grade. She said it was important to offer a thank you to the people who take care of the community – even if you never see that individual in person.

She got inspired to contact all of the other parents in her daughter’s class to see if they’d like to get involved with the effort to provide free pizza. They received donations of up to $300 to continue providing food support to the local healthcare professionals.

The minimum donation from this fundraising effort was $20.

Since no one can eat pizza forever, the group of friends took the funds to bring sandwiches and other treats. Then they continued to order food to deliver as long as donations were available to help hospital staffers.


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