Michigan Non-Profit Delivers Thousands of Sandwiches

Jimmy John sandwiches are known for being ready quickly. A Michigan non-profit decided that their people could take over delivery duties by donating 5,000 sandwiches from the company to 25 hospitals across the state.

Jeff Glover is the founder of Glover’s Heroes. He said that the effort was to reward nurses on the frontlines while letting everyone know about the work of his non-profit.

Glover’s Heroes covers 100% of the home repairs or improvements of nurses in need. That includes all material and labor costs.

Glover said it took ten hours to deliver all of the sandwiches, going from Detroit to Kalamazoo.

Healthcare Professionals Are the Real Heroes 

Lots of people were working in essential positions to help make it possible for medical personnel to save lives during the coronavirus emergency. Glover acknowledges that grocers, social workers, and many others worked hard to help everyone get through the COVID-19 pandemic.

He also says that healthcare professionals deserve to get recognized because of their collective efforts to help others without question.

With nurses working long shifts at Michigan hospitals, Glover says that his non-profit could help them take care of the chores that started building up at home. His goal was to ensure that everyone received the same effort that they gave others.

If you know a deserving nurse in the Michigan area who stepped up during the coronavirus pandemic, then nominate them to Glover’s non-profit. You can find more information about how to do so on its website.



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