Students Receive Free Computers to Learn During COVID-19


School closures began in the middle of February for some students. Then the rest of the 2019-2020 academic year got transferred to online learning for most American kids.

That effort likely saved tens of thousands of lives. It also created a clear separation between the wealthy in the U.S. and those who were just getting by with what they had.

One charity decided to step up to help underprivileged kids so that they could keep learning during COVID-19. Comp-U-Dopt took it upon themselves to distribute computers to low-income families for free in Harris County, TX.

Qualification Requirements Were Minimal

Comp-U-Dopt provided computers to students based on minimal qualifying standards. The family had to have their child enrolled in the local district and lack access to a tablet or working computer at home.

Reservations for available devices filled up in less than three minutes on the first day the charity offered the service. It only took 30 seconds on the second day to meet the daily quota.

The charity said that at the height of the coronavirus emergency, they saw up to 5,000 people attempt to register for a computer daily. Comp-U-Dopt had 60 spaces available each day.

Many families were willing to donate computers to this good cause. They opened a drop-off drive-thru that brought in almost 1,000 devices.

Each computer received a thorough disinfecting before getting handed out to families in need. The charity has worked since 2007 to boost access to computers to the underprivileged. More information about getting involved is available through Comp-U-Dopt’s website.



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