Sustainable Living Calculator Shows Individual Economic Impacts


Knowing what the business impact of sustainable living would be for the average family has always been a guessing game. An innovative new calculator designed by financial experts can help you to see what it would take to live greener starting right now.

The Sustainable Living Calculator looks at the food you purchase if you use reusable containers, and how you travel. It even considers the type of energy you use at home to stay comfortable.

If you always purchased standard groceries and converted to 100% organic, then the calculator could let you know how much more you’d need to budget.

Over 40% of Adults Would Pay More to Support the Environment

 People want to help the environment. The obstacle that they encounter involves a lack of knowledge.

43% of people in Britain say that they’re “happy” to spend more on items if they know it is an eco-friendly choice. Similar figures are found in the United States, Canada, and Australia.

Young people are especially concerned about the environmental impact of the products they purchase daily.

Even if you don’t use the information from the Sustainable Living Calculator, implementing some practical steps right now can reduce your impact on the environment.

Choose items that aren’t wrapped in plastic whenever possible. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables grown locally whenever possible. Then avoid any travel plans or recreational activities that leave behind a significant carbon footprint.

It doesn’t take much to help save the environment. You can find out what to start budgeting by using this UK-based online tool today.




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