Non-Profit Offers Virtual Help to Special Need Students


Students with special needs saw the most significant changes to their daily routine because of COVID-19. Parents who got to work with trained teachers were suddenly thrown into that role without knowing what to expect in many locations around the United States.

A non-profit organization in Cape Coral decided to do something about this issue during the coronavirus emergency. Family Initiative Incorporated was founded by Anjali Van Drie and David Brown to bring joy to kids with a diagnosis on the autism spectrum.

Each virtual session is a social skills group that encourages a return to routine and structure. Anjali and David dance on video conferences, sing songs with the kids, and spend time with show-and-tell activities. One of their most popular sessions was to teach how to draw Baby Yoda from Disney’s The Mandalorian.

It Was an Opportunity to Expand Their Reach

Van Drie said that seeing smiles on the other side of the screen helped her to get through the trying times that COVID-19 brought.

It was also an opportunity for Family Initiative Incorporated to expand its outreach efforts. Because all of the sessions were held virtually, the pair could help families across the entire state.

Even though countless hours were spent helping students with special needs, the laughter and fun made all of the efforts worthwhile.

The offered sessions were free to families in Florida. Then all of the kids could meet on Saturdays at 1 PM to engage socially in a structured, interactive environment.

You can find more information about this program on their website.



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