This Teen is Feeding 12,000 People


If you met Shreyaa Venkat on the street, you would probably see her as a typical teen. Although she worries about classes like most kids her age, her future career is already solidified.

You see, Venkat has already done more to provide assistance to people on our planet than what most adults do throughout their life. Her nonprofit, called NEST4US, helps tens of thousands of people across the United States.

She has also served over 12,000 people in the Washington, D.C. region by providing food and needed supplies.

And that’s just the start of what she is doing every day.

She Operates a Total of Four Non-Profit Agencies

Under the NEST branding, Venkat operates four unique nonprofit efforts. In addition to NEST Nurtures, she runs a free tutoring program called NEST tutors that help low-income children in 19 school districts.

Venkat also has NEST Kares in her portfolio, which works to collect school supplies, blessing bags, and provides disaster relief assistance.

She also uses NEST Buddies to provide a birthday-in-a-box gift for low-income children and families.

Why does she put so much effort into helping others at the age of 17?

Venkat says that our planet produces 1.5 times what it needs to feed everyone. The problem that we face is distribution. She believes that she can do something about that issue.

Her parents are also active volunteers in their community. Venkat began to organize service projects by the fifth grade. Her best advice is simple and straight forward: all you need to do is ask someone to help.



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