World’s First 3D-Printed Neighborhood Has Its First Houses


Rural Mexico is seeing a housing boom. Families are upgrading their homes from basic shacks to modern two-bedroom structures. What is making all of this possible?

The work is being completed by a giant 3D printer that’s 33 feet long. The houses have 500 square feet and were recently finished with windows, roofing, and interiors. It could be the solution to affordable housing that many communities seek around the world.

New Story is a nonprofit organization responsible for this innovative technology. It was founded in 2015 to help people living in extreme poverty. Over 2,700 houses using traditional building methods have gone up in countries like Bolivia, El Salvador, and Haiti.

The 3D Printer Is Called the Vulcan II

The 3D printer used by New Story isn’t designed to create an entire house. What it can provide is the exterior structure so that local contractors can complete the finishing work. A new neighborhood in rural Mexico will have 50 of these homes.

It works by placing concrete in layers to build the floors and walls of the house. The software works to monitor the weather conditions, which allows the equipment to adjust the mixture as needed. That means the correct viscosity always gets printed.

The entire building process is virtually autonomous. Multiple houses can even get built simultaneously with only 24 hours of work. The families who will now live in these new homes have a median income of less than $80 per month.

It will be the first time that many of them have had indoor plumbing and sanitation facilities.

Multiple governments have seen the new neighborhood and are talking about donating land to create similar communities. One 3D printer really can change the world!



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