This Company Helps Busy Parents Be Involved in Early Education Options for Their Children

Families all over the world are struggling to provide basic income and educational opportunities for their children. The Meraki Foundation has an idea that can hopefully solve both of those problems.

Only half of the children worldwide between the ages of 3-6 have access to preschools. Fifth-grade students in India have a 50-50 risk of not being able to read, and the literacy rate for women is under 54%. With 90% of a child’s brain reaching its volume by age 5, the best learning opportunities happen during those early years.

The Meraki Foundation has a method of working with overburdened and impoverished parents in Delhi and around India to reverse these trends. By attuning the adults in a family to the developmental needs of their children, a better life becomes possible.

Each Family Gets Paired with a Mentor

The families who work with the Meraki Foundation receive a mentor, a “margdarshaq,” who shows them how to engage in early childhood learning activities. Only four paid volunteers fulfill this role for the organization, but their work as a guide has already been instrumental in creating positive change.

Activities that families learn are based on the age of the child and the literacy of the parents. It could be something as simple as playing a game of catch with a ball to reading stories. Parents get 10-minute activities that focus on language and cognitive development.

Over 1,500 parents have taken more than 130 workshops sponsored by the Meraki Foundation. Their goal is to reach ten times that number by 2030. You can learn more about their efforts by visiting their website.


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