Solving Hunger By Serving 4.4 Million Pounds of Rejected Food

Did you know that American grocery stores throw out 43 billion pounds of food each year? One of the reasons why this action occurs is because of rules and regulations that govern sell-by dates.

If a perishable item doesn’t sell in time for it to be considered “fresh,” then the options to use that item become limited. Even donations to food pantries and charities can’t cover all of the losses.

Supermarkets in Germany are trying to tackle this issue locally by reselling edible products that were previously rejected. SirPlus offers items that are near their sell-by date, past it, or considered too unattractive to sell at other stories.

The Grocery Resale Market Is 80% Cheaper for Consumers

Consumers can save a massive amount on their grocery bill if they shop at stores like SirPlus. If the average family of four in the U.S. spends $200 per week on groceries, then they’d pay $160 at resale market, compared to $800 at a traditional grocer.

Customers don’t need to worry about moldy produce or dangerous meat products. Each item receives a thorough examination to ensure it remains edible. Taste, smell, packaging, and consistency are all reviewed.

SirPlus doesn’t take any risks. If there is uncertainty about an item, then the resale grocery uses a laboratory to verify the safety of the food.

Although there may be some risks associated with this process, we can save billions of pounds of food each year with this approach. That means we can prevent a lot of hungry tummies at night.




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