One Copenhagen Neighborhood Takes a Cue from the Past for Sustainability

The global trend to build sustainably is transitioning buildings back to wood from concrete, steel, and brick. That approach is getting taken to the next level in a Copenhagen neighborhood where every new home and structure is built entirely with wood.

It will provide housing for up to 7,000 people, integrate nature with urban living, and even provide a school.

The plans for this neighborhood have it set on a former dumping site, which means the city will get to transform a junkyard into a restored, natural environment.

Residents Will Have Fast Access to Outdoor Activities

The neighborhood will have three subsections to it. Each one connects to the other by using green corridors that provide immediate access to outdoor activities. Everyone who lives in this community will never be more than two minutes away from taking a stroll with Mother Nature.

Underground parking and vehicle restrictions are included as part of the design to minimize distractions.

Designers plan to use prefabricated timber panels sourced from companies throughout Europe to build the community. Because timber captures and stores carbon dioxide while growing, this approach to new housing gets praise for being more environmentally friendly.

The neighborhood is not going to be an entertainment or a shopping district. Its core function is to provide convenient housing for the families who call Copenhagen home. With up to 70% of the world expected to live in urban environments by 2050, trying out ideas like this today can help us to prepare for the challenges of tomorrow.



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