You Can Train Your Brain to Be Happy

Have you ever heard someone say that happiness is a choice? That emotion comes from the presence of four brain chemicals: serotonin, oxytocin, endorphins, and dopamine. When your mind sees something pleasurable or good for survival, then it turns these chemicals on.

When the experience is over, then the feelings go away. That means a lack of excitement happens. What if you could train your brain to produce more of those chemicals when your mood needs a boost?

There are several ways you can make that happen. Here are some ideas for you to try at home!

1 – Create small goals for yourself that you can accomplish throughout the day. When you experience success, then a tiny release of dopamine occurs.

2 – Keep your body moving if you have a sedentary job. When you move for about five minutes after sitting for a couple of hours, a surge of endorphins can happen.

3 – Work to build trust with someone to raise your oxytocin levels. Even small overtures can produce big results for your happiness.

4 – Accept who you are and avoid judging others. If you feel threatened for any reason, then remind yourself of all of your accomplishments. When you focus on your strengths, a boost of chemicals can happen.

It all begins with a choice. You can either implement these ideas or choose to continue feeling in a saddened or depressed state. The good news is that you can take multiple actions each day to keep your happiness chemicals turned on!



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