Indian Couple Restores Forest Near Tiger Reserve

If you took an aerial view of the land around the Singh residence near Ranthambore Tiger Reserve, you’d see a stark contrast of landscapes. All around their property are tracts of open land prepared for farming.

The Singh land is entirely forested. Aditya and Poonam Singh moved to Sawai Madhopur over 20 years ago as a way to be closer to nature. Now their once-barren property is lush and inviting for local wildlife.

Singh says that the only thing he did to prepare the property for the forest to return was to remove invasive species. Then two decades of recovery started.

Predators Allowed Singh to Buy Land at a Discount

 The farmers in the area decided that sticking around wasn’t a good idea because all sorts of wildlife returned to the land. The Singhs say that you can spot wild boars, leopards, and tigers on their property on any given day.

The couple continues to purchase plots near their property when it becomes available as a way to expand their private reserve. New water holes on the land ensure that even if a hot summer comes along, the animals have a place to get something to drink.

It has had a unique impact on the surrounding region. Now the predators are visiting the farmers less, even though several sold to the Singhs because that was their fear.

Now other landowners in India want to replicate the model that the Singhs created with their retirement venture. Although the value of the property is close to $200,000, the goal is to continue expanding to help even more animals.



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