One Woman Turns Beer Profits into Food for Needy Families

Jacquie Berglund bought her beer brand for only $1. Although the boom in microbrewing has cut into her business activities, she is still working passionately to turn one person’s beer money into another’s groceries.

Finnegans is more than a beer company in Minnesota. It works to combat food insecurity by taking the profits that the brewery earns to purchase organic produce from local farmers. With 1 in 6 people in the United States dealing with hunger routinely, Berglund knew she had to do something.

The Purchased Produce Goes Directly to Food Banks

Finnegans distributes the produce it purchases to local food banks. The company operates in four states using this business plan, and Berglund also has what she calls a “reverse food truck.” It collects food and monetary donations in exchange for beer samples.

You can find the Finnegans food truck at corporate events, beer festivals, and even the occasional wedding.

Berglund says it takes a village to make a significant impact on food insecurity issues. She also readily admits that the success of the food truck idea took her by surprise. Now she’s giving away her graphics and plans for other organizations to create similar opportunities.

There are at least six new reverse food trucks across the United States that work to support local food banks.

Finnegans is quickly approaching $2 million of positive impact, distributing about two million pounds of organic food to families in need.

“I just want to leave the world a better place,” she said. “I’m hardwired that way.”


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